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Verification email is sent automatically within seconds from your new business listing submission.

Please check Your Email Spam Folder first.

If you still can not find verification email, please contact us via CONTACT US PAGE stating clearly:

1. Business Name
2. Your Name
3. Your Email Address


1. Please try to reset your password first.



2. If password reset link does not work your account was most likely suspended or deleted. 

Suspended or deleted account can not be reactivated, you will have to create a new one.


 Procedure to DELETE your business listing from our directory. 

If you like to delete / remove your listing from our site, please go to the listing's page and click on the Report a Problem button.  Fill out the information required on the page and select from the dropdown the reason why the listing needs to be removed.

This will then be reviewed before it is removed.
 Why do we do it this way? 
We use this procedure so your competitors can not remove your business details by simply calling us or sending us a message. This procedure insures that before any business listing deletion every request is going through proper editorial review on our end.
Thank you for your understanding!


1. Locate Your Business Listing.



2. Open business profile and click on "Report a problem" button.


3. Fill in form on the right hand side.








YES. You can add up to five business listings under one user account. If you need more you will have to apply for extra listings through your user dashboard area.


If you are a marketing or SEO agency please advice your clients to claim buisness listing first.


So business competitors or anyone else can not simply amend any business listing details. If we give an access to marketing agency and after sometime your business will stop work with that marketing agency, you will not be able to change business listing yourself. So we think its in the best interest of any business owner to have an admin access for their business listing.

How To Claim Business Listing:

Find your business listing and click on "CLAIM THIS BUSINESS AS YOURS" button. And then just follow the prompts. 


Please follow steps below to contact business owners directly if you have questions about their products or the services they offer:

1. Go to the listing page and on the lower left you will see the "Contact Us" portion. 
2. Fill out this part with your name, email address, contact  number and your message to the business owner.
3. Tick the box on the captcha to confirm that "you are not a robot."
4. Finally, click the "Send Message" button.


There are few possible ways how your business infomation was indexed by our business directory.

1. Your online marketing team or agency submitted your business information to

2. Your business information was automatically indexed by our search bots as it was available on some public resource for example your own website or another business listing. 

You can easily claim your business listing and change your details as you want them to appear. 


You can delete your business details all together at any given stage. For business listing removal from Please visit