We Create & Manage AdWords Accounts With One Simple Goal - Spend Less & Get More

  • Time

    Let's Check & Adjust The Time When Your Ads Are Showing - To Get You More Calls & Enquiries

  • Work

    Let's Improve The Quality Score Of Your Keywords - To Pay Less For Clicks

  • Quality

    Let's Adjust Your Bids Automatically - To Get Your Ads To The Top Positions For Less

  • Staisfaction

    Let's Add More Negative Keywords - To Stop The Waste & Save Your Money


Adwords Facts Behind The Scenes

Many issues with Adwords accounts arise simply because they were not properly set up.

Business owners often spend money on clicks that will never bring them any prospects and sales. Every day, we come across hundreds of Adwords Campaigns that just waste money.

Your campaign won't work and will waste your money if you have:

  • No clear goals and tracking set up in your campaign.

  • Do not review and manage your ‘negative keywords’ (which do not work) on a regular basis.

  • Do not control your keywords-quality-scores (QS).

If you are unsure on any of the above, we are here to help!


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Some Facts About Us & What We Offer

  • Operating Since 2007

    We have extensive Adwords experience.

  • 100+ years
    of combined online marketing wisdom!

    Among nine of us, we share over 100 years of expertise and have dealt with hundreds of individual case studies.

  • Over 300 clients

    Small and large, from a great variety of industries.

  • Free Account Assessments

    Is Your account in the best shape possible?

  • Fast Turnaround

    It only takes 1-2 business days to get your Adwords account set up.

  • We Speak Your Language

    Easy to understand reporting - no high-tech jargon.

  • No Pushy Sales Calls

    We are here only if you'd like to use the benefit of our expertise.


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Most Common Issues With Adwords and Instant Solutions

  • 01


    My ads are running, but the number of calls, conversions or sales is very low.

    solutionProven Solution

    Most likely, your campaign is not set up correctly. Some possible reasons: Wrong landing pages are used as destinations. Your ads have low CTR. Ad position is below the top 4 results. Website load timing is too slow.

  • 02


    Quality of your leads is low or they are coming from the wrong source?

    solutionProven Solution

    You are not on top of your negative keywords. Your ads are too general. Wrong match type is being used. Location targeting was not setup correctly.

  • 03


    Ads are not showing up or showing too rarely.

    solutionProven Solution

    We will have to check your budget & current bids. Also keywords match type has to be checked.

  • 04


    Competitors are clicking on your ads & wasting your money.

    solutionProven Solution

    Server logs have to be checked & some IP addresses will have to be excluded.

  • 05


    You are getting less & less visitors for your budget.

    solutionProven Solution

    Most probably your bids are static. We can automate them so your ad always stays at the top.

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